Welcome to SmallTrain!

Getting Started

A Deep learning library
helps production deployment.

SmallTrain is...
- a deep learning library written in Python
- a wrapper capable of running on top of both TensorFlow and PyTorch
- designed to enable fast implementation with deep neural networks
- user-friendly and modular
- a tool for professional engineers


Easy Installation

Writing Dockerfile for All-in-one SmallTrain server is
a good way to standardized and visualize setup scripts.


Hi-Accuracy Model

Using SmallTrain is available to achieve the hi-accuracy result
because SmallTrain is
already trained using a hi-spec GPU
adopted 60 layers of pyramid network,
convolutional networks,
and recurrent networks

Conbination with CacheAI

Using with Cache AI, it is capable to build “fast”, “secure” and “low cost” machine-learned models