Tutorial with Jupyter Notebook

This section shows how to use SmallTrain with Jupyter Notebook.

You can run tutorial codes on Jupyter Lab Notebook.

JupyterLab is the successor to the well-known Jupyter Notebook and is a web-based interactive IDE (Integrated Development Environment) developed as part of Project Jupyter. The original form’s announcement is surprisingly old as 2018, and it seems that Jupyter Notebook will move to this Jupyter Lab in the future.

  1. Launch the SmallTrain Docker container by referring to Documentation / Tutorials / Tutorial with GPU Instance on AWS.

  2. Log in to your Docker container and run the following command to launch your Jupyter Lab Notebook.

# Enable password
$ jupyter notebook password

# Run Jupyter Lab Notebook
$ cd /var/smalltrain/tutorials
$ nohup jupyter lab &
  1. Visit http://YOURHOST:JUPYTER_NOTEBOOK_PORT/lab/tree/image_recognition/notebooks/cifar10.ipynb and use Notebook. (By default, JUPYTER_NOTEBOOK_PORT is 8888)