about SmallTrain OSS Project

Artificial General Intelligence Open Source Goal

In the context of the third AI boom that began with deep learning, many companies are developing their own AI. However, each type of AI is classified as a “Narrow AI” and is only active in the industry for limited uses. We are convinced that AI technology is a fundamental technology for machines to help humanity and build symbiotic spheres. As a platform for that, we propose “Harmonic AI”. Let’s help each other with their small data, aiming for a better society, by integrating the AI that they have independently developed and forming a general-purpose AI.

SmallTrain Architecture

SmallTrain uses a base neural network of more than 60 layers of pyramid architecture neural network build referring to state-of-the-art papers and implementing the cutting edge algorithms. As SmallTrain was already pre-trained for different use cases and data science problems, The accuracy of the model doesn’t drop even with minimal available data for training. As SmallTrain uses “Harmonic AI” concept where different spheres of problem-solving models contribute.

What is SmallTrain ?

SmallTrain is an open-source software developed by Geek Guild Co., Ltd. for rapid development of deep neural networks by reducing the effort of acquiring a large amount of data without compromising the accuracy of the problems that it encounters. SmallTrain is…

  • a deep learning library is primarily written in python and a wrapper over Tensorflow and PyTorch
  • It’s designed for rapid development of deep neural network without prior knowledge of data science concept.
  • user-friendly, Intuitive and modular architecture, so that you take less time to learn and invest more time in building models
  • Designed for rapid development for an amateur and professional alike

Why Would you use SmallTrain?

  • Easy to develop for POC to production
  • Almost no programming for building your pre-trained model.
  • Available as both TensorFlow and Pytorch wrapper.
  • Always adapting to algorithms which evolve.
  • Build using state-of-the-art algorithms from Scientific and Mathematical papers
  • Accuracy is always going to be better even with minimal data and training time
  • Licensed under MIT Open Source

What we look for as SmallTrain Open Source Project Contributor

  1. Environment where you can work remotely (using version control system, GitLab)
  2. OSS project contributing experience
  3. AI model development experience

Aim of SmallTrain open source project

AI development is difficult due to the need for data science background and advanced programming skills. In addition, there are methods that can be used to build AI using open source libraries, etc., but it is hard to say whether quality can withstand service operation. Therefore, Geek Guild released the source code of the AI ​​model developed in-house and started a project for public use for service development.

Next Steps…