about SmallTrain OSS Project

Artificial General Intelligence Open Source Goal

In the context of the third AI boom that began with deep learning, many companies are developing their own AI. However, each type of AI is classified as a “Narrow AI” and is only active in the industry for limited uses. We are convinced that AI technology is a fundamental technology for machines to help humanity and build symbiotic spheres. As a platform for that, we propose “Harmonic AI”. Let’s help each other with their own small data, aiming for a better society, by integrating the AI that they have independently developed and forming a general-purpose AI!

  • This is an upcoming open source project.

Three advantages of SmallTrain

1.Free and easy creation of commercially available AI models equipped with cutting-edge AI algorithms
2.Use as a trained model that supports small data can significantly reduce man-hours
3.As a wrapper * for both TensorFlow and PyTorch, a library function to provide unique algorithms will be installed
  • What is …. wrapping a library such as TensorFlow or PyTorch, and users can access the library via the wrapper so that even if the library is replaced or the interface of the library is changed, the changes are stopped only inside the wrapper and the effect of the change are stopped.

SmallTrain Open Source Project Contributor

1.Environment where you can work remotely (using version control system GitLab)
2.OSS project contributing experience
3.AI model development experience

Background of the SmallTrain open source project

AI development is difficult due to the need for data science background and advanced programming skills. In addition, there are methods that can be used to build AI using open source libraries, etc., but it is hard to say that quality can withstand service operation. Therefore, Geek Guild released the source code of the AI ​​model developed in-house and started a project for public use for service development.

Next Steps…